Unofficial MAGFest Game

The Unofficial MAGFest Game

The Unofficial MAGFest Game was a game we made for our favorite event of the year. It features amazing music from: PowerGlove, Hyper Potions, and Kirby's Dream Band. Beat your personal best score, or if you score is amazing, submit it to the online leadship board to show that you're the best king donut!

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time cop logo

Time Cop

This game was for the githubGameOff game jam, and the theme was "Throwback". You play as a time cop sent through a portal that teleports you to a low res world. You're only hope to get home is to find the portals, and defeat the evil interdimensional time robot!

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hot dog dilemma logo

Hot Dog Dilemma

Made for the GM48 Game Jam! The theme was "One Shot." It's chow time, or so you thought. As you are about to bite into a hot dog, you accidentally drop it down an open manhole. Harpoon in hand, you jump down the sewer only to find your hot dog has been eaten by a strange creatures lurking.

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fight or flight logo

Fight or Flight

Made for the 2017 Epic Game Jam we bring you Fight or Flight! Create a thing. Circles can fly and Squares can fight! Race through wormholes to find a lost friend, but be never know what you might find.

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planet rage quit logo

Planet Rage Quit

Made by Josh Kampney for the Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam You play as a cute little blue guy trying to survive till level 50. You start off only being able to jump, but as the game goes on you're flying for your life! What will your high score be?

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warped circuit logo

Warped Circuit

Made for the Home Of Nerds Game Jam You're a robot using your own dead bodies to get to a warp portal! Dying is Good!....for the most part....Play through 10 challenging levels! How long will it take you to beat it?

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kamphell Logo


What if you could play as a spaceship captain hell bent on destorying a never ending fleet of enemy hostiles? Not only can you do just that, but the captain is a pengin, and the hostiles are, "KAMIKAZE SPACE SQUIDS!" Ploit the starship pengin, and fight for as long as you can. Pick up upgrades to power up your guns, and take down as many as you can. How long can you last?

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