Global Game Jam!

We're itching for another game jam, and what better jam to participate in then the Global Game Jam! We'll be up at Virginia Tech jamming out in Mcbryde Hall. If you're a dev in the area, and want to jam out, come hang with the kamphell boys!
To sign up for the Global Game Jam Click Here


New Project

So we're working on a new project for fun, and future game projects. It will basically be a chat system for your phone, so you can communicate with your fellow developers.
More to come!
Check out our newest game on Google Play! Click Here

MAGFest 2018

It was a blast!

MAGFest was a blast! We went to some awesome panels, and get new ideas for our future. Not to mention the speaker guy is awesome!

New Game!

The Unofficial MAGFest Game!

After a long week and a half, it's finally finished! The Unofficial MAGFest Game is now live on GooglePlay!
Download it today! Click Here


Going To Magfest!

The boys are hitting the road Jan.4th - 7th, and head to our favorite event of the year. MAGFEST!!!! Short for "Music And Gaming Festival," MAGFest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. If you're going hit us up on twitter, and we can nerd it up together! ^_^
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New Game

Time Cop is Born

After a fun month of exploring the unknown, we've created our first pixel art game in Unity, "Time Cop". You play as a time cop sent through a portal that teleports you to a low res world. You're only hope to get home is to find the portals, and defeat the evil interdimensional time robot!
To check it out Click Here

GitHub Game Off

Game Jam Update

This game jam has turned into a quest for the unexplored. Since it's a month long we've decided to use a game engine we've never used before, so for this Jam we'll be using Unity! We will be using GitHub to share our programming files which has been a real pain for us in the past, so we're hoping GitHub will be our saving grace in that department. And if that isn't new enough Josh is doing his first attempt at pixel art! Fingers crossed!
To check our progress so far Click Here

GitHub Game Off

Month Long Jam!

In a last minute decision we've decided to joined the GitHub Game Off! It's a month long game jam, and we're super excited! We'll be switching it up by using Unity, and GitHub to make the game. We'll also be streaming our progress throughout the month for the length of the Jam!
To check us out Click Here

GM48 Ratings

Let's Rate Some Games

GM48 Game Jam requires the contestants to rate 10 other games, so it's time to rate some games! We'll be on Twitch around 4pm. Come join us!
To check us out Click Here

New Game

Another Game is Born!

GM48 Game Jam is complete and so is our newest game, "Hot Dog Dilemma."
To check it out Click Here

Jam Time

GM48 Game Jam!

The boys are back at it again! We will be doing the GM48 Game Jam, and now with a new addition Mr.Dale! We'll be streaming all weekend long!
To check us out Click Here

Making a Thing

New Game Available!

Check out our newest game jam game Fight or Flight! Race through wormholes to find a lost friend, but be never know what you might find.
To check it out Click Here

2017 Epic Game Jam

A Game Is Born

45 hours later Fight or Flight was born! Check out how the judges liked our game: Click Here *It's 30 minutes into the video*

2017 Epic Game Jam

The Race Is On!

It's team yellow vs team blue in the 2017 Epic Game Jam! KampHellProductions is a proud member of team yellow, but who will win?

2017 Epic Game Jam

Time to be EPIC!

We need more epicness in our lives! June 30th - July 2nd we'll be participating in the Epic Game Jam! Join us throughout the weekend while we take a crack at making an epic game in 48 hours. To tune in Click Here

Ludum Dare 38

Ludum Dare 38 Complete!

Ludum Dare 38 was a lot of fun! 48 hours later, and we have a new addition to our game list. Planet Rage Quit! Check it out Click Here

Ludum Dare 38

Check Us Out!

Ludum Dare 38 starts tomorrow! Josh Kampney will be flying solo making a game for the Ludum Dare Compo(hard mode). Tune in on our Twitch feed through out the weekend to watch him do the impossible! Click Here

Join Us!

Indie Game Showcase

Join us Saturday at 9pm for another Indie Game Showcase! We'll be showcasing indie developers you might not know, and showing off their awesome games! To view the broadcast: Click Here

Twitch Episode

Great Turn Out!

The Indie Game Showcase was a big hit! We'll definitely be doing more, and making them better every week! To view the broadcast: Click Here

Join Us!

Indie Game Showcase

Join us Saturday at 9pm for a brand new show, "Indie Game Showcase"! We'll of course show the progress in our game, but the main event will be us trying out games from other indie developers! To view the broadcast: Click Here

Twitch Episode

Change Of Direction

Another interesting hour of game dev. Talked more then anything else, and we think we're going in a new direction with the show. To view the broadcast: Click Here

Join Us!

Hour of Game Dev

Join us tomorrow at 9pm for another hour of game dev! We'll be talking about interesting game development topics and working on our game! To view the broadcast: Click Here

Twitch Episode

Project Update!

Another interesting hour of game dev. We're making progress, and we can't wait to see what comes next! To view the broadcast: Click Here

Join Us!

Hour of Game Dev 2!

Join us again for another hour of game dev tomorrow at 9pm! We'll be showing an update on our game, and talking more about game development as a whole! To view: Click Here

Twitch Episode

Good Talk!

Talked about some interesting topics this week, and got to know a little more about where we stand on game development. To view the broadcast: Click Here

Join Us!

Hour Of Game Dev

Tune in tomorrow at 9p.m. for an Hour Of Game Dev. We'll be working on our game and discussing topics on game development itself. To view: Click Here

New Game

Warped Circuit!

A new game has been made for the Home Of Nerds Game Jam You're a robot using your own dead bodies to get to a warp portal! Dying is Good!....for the most part....Play through 10 challenging levels! How long will it take you to beat it?

Play Warped Circuit today!

Jamming Out

Home Of Nerds Game Jam!

Join us for the Home Of Nerds Game Jam! The two boys from KampHellProductions go head to head with other indie game developers to make a working video game in only one weekend! It starts at 4am friday and will end 3pm on Sunday. Well be streaming through out the weekend on twitch! To tune in: Click Here

Twitch Episode

Hell Win's It!

Kamp finished first, but his code was god awful so Hell wins this weeks Code Off Challenge! View Hell's victory: Click Here

Join Us!

Round Three

Join us at 9pm for another Code Off Challenge! It's Kamp vs. Hell to a race to the finish! Tune in: Click Here

Twitch Episode

A Tie!

The challenge was too great for both competitors, so we have a tie! Tune in next week to see who can take a win from the code off challenge!

To view this weeks code off challenge: Click Here

Join Us!

Round 2!

The second code off challenge will begin tomorrow at 9pm! It's Kamp vs. Hell in a race to the finish. Who will win? What will they be coding? Tune in tomorrow to find out! Join Us

Project Update

Meet Larry

He's another employee you'll find in the game. He unlocks the conveyor belts to slow down your enemies. Stay tuned for more! ^_^


Twitch Episode

Code Off Challenge Results!

Hell was killing it in the beginning, but thanks to a tricky variable KAMP CAME BACK & WON THE CODE OFF CHALLENGE! That is until next week! Watch the showdown on youtube: Click Here

Join Us!

Code Off Challenge!

Join us at 9pm on twitch for the first ever Code Off Challenge! It's Kamp vs. Hell to a race to the finish. Who will win? Tune in to find out! Click Here

Project Update

Meet Tiny

He's one of the employees you'll find in the game. He shoots saw blades at your enemies.
Stay tuned for more! ^_^


Project level up

Update on new project

The first enemy in our new game... a mind-controlled chicken o_O..stay tuned for more!

mind-controlled chicken

Super Fun Trip

Magfest Was Awesome!

We had loads of fun, and learned a heck of a lot! Every year we go and take in the amazingness that is Magfest, and every year it inspires us to think about game design in a whole new way. Thanks to magfest this year we've finally decided on a new game, and it's going to be awesome. Stay tuned!

Getting Connected

Now on Twitter

Our twitter account is live! @KampHellProject is the name and tweeting is the game. Feel free to follow us to get all the lastest news and interests. If you have something interesting that you'd like to share about the world of gaming. Drop us an email or tweet and we'll be happy to post it!

Hitting the road

We're Heading to MAGFest!

That's right! From January 5th-8th the whole team will be attending the 2017 MAGFest celebration. We'll be enjoying ourselves the best way we know how. Energy drinks, music, and of course VIDEO GAMES! If you see us feel free to say hi, or ask us any questions you might have. We'll see you there!

New Project In the Works


We're thinking of a new game to make at the moment. Probably going to be a shooter defence game. More to come when we get our heads on straight!

Squidsteroids Open Beta

Free Beta Available

We made a huge push over the holiday, and you're welcome to rip the benefits! Squidsteroids is now open for beta testing. The game still has a ways to go, but we want you to decide which way that will be. Head over to our games page to download the beta, and send us some feedback. Enjoy!